Healing Massage Therapy
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Question: How may you truly help your body?

Answer: By placing yourself in the Healing Hands of Vita Narbutienne, voted as one of the best massage experiences in all of Vancouver.

Vita comes to you with years of experience as a licensed massage therapist, a chiromassage master, third level Reiki master, and a trained Ayurvedic specialist.

Over and above, in Europe Vita was also a licensed medical doctor. She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Kaunas Medical Academy in Lithuania. She did her residency in Siauliai Hospital where she worked as a medical doctor then opened her own private clinic which she successfully ran for 11.5 years.

Vita will introduce you and your body to her differing healing modalities. Her unique therapeutic massage techniques have been witnessed by many and attested to as powerful and transformational. She is a natural and truly gifted healer and possesses an unseen life force energy which will make your body come alive.

For a new "Body Life Force" experience, Vita is "The One".